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About the Coffee
Ramza Daher is an entrepreneurial farmer who found financial independence through coffee. He has invested in two farms in the municipality of Guimarânia, naming them after their children, Matheus and Mayara. Around 30% of the land is flat, 10% mountainous, and 60% rolling hills.

Over 20% of their land is dedicated to preserving local fauna and flora. The other 418 hectares are for producing coffee while adhering to high quality, productivity, and sustainability standards. The unique terroir at Fazenda Matheus and Fazenda Mayara allows coffee to grow slowly and uniformly at 1,100masl, and Catuai and Mundo Novo varieties thrive here. The combination of Ramza’s dedication with the excellent characteristics of the Cerrado region results in outstanding coffee aligned with environmental preservation and production continuity.

About the Region
Cerrado is one of Brazil’s newest coffee regions. Development began in the 1970s, with innovative entrepreneurial migrants at the forefront of cultivating this new region. As a result, Cerrado Mineiro is flourishing with modern and sustainable agricultural practices.

Coffee producers here are early adopters of new technology. They are motivated by social and environmental responsibility and operate their farms as businesses. At altitudes between 800 and 1300 meters with well-defined seasons, the Cerrado region exhibits a unique identity influenced by geography, climate, and terrain. This uniqueness earned Cerrado the first Designation of Origin recognition for coffee in the world, with a sensory profile that boasts notes of dried fruit and chocolate, a full body, and long finish.


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